Please enjoy another extract from a talk by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga, at a Public Program at Newcastle, near Sydney on the 28th February 1992.


“Sahaja means with you is born. This yoga means the union, the union with this all pervading power of God’s love. It exists or not, we have never bothered to find out. We see these beautiful flowers, very beautiful flowers and everything around. When I came from Sydney I saw the beauty, the nature had just spread for the pleasure of human beings. We never even think how it has happened, what has worked it out, all these living things. We don’t even think how this eye of ours is such a beautiful camera, how it has been made, how is it this brain, which is such a great computer, how is it made. Who has made it? They may say it is autonomous but who is this auto? We have never tried to find out. That there is this all pervading power of God’s love which has done all this living work, and now for us it is to feel that, that is the yoga, is the union with that Divine. It’s not physical, it’s not mental, but it is spiritual, where you start first time feeling this all pervading power. Then only you have to know how to use this power which flows through you. But it moves very slowly and people, you see this is not a plastic work that you can go on producing many and we don’t have any organization as such, we do not organize people and we do not take any money at all, you cannot. How much can you pay for this divine work? How much do we pay to Mother Earth for what she gives us all these beautiful flowers? She doesn’t understand money, so you cannot pay for it. But there are many, many organizations afloat, which are taking money, which are giving you mental heat and people run after them, they like to go on working out that yarn that they have spun for you.

One has to go beyond this mind to feel the spirituality. With this mind, that is human mind, you cannot understand it, you have to have divine mind. But once you get your realization your mind also gets enlightened, and when your mind is enlightened, you can perceive, penetrate into every situation in such a deeper manner and the way you can improve it. I can tell you a simple analogy to understand. Supposing you are standing in the sea and the sea is rough, you are afraid of the waves, very much afraid. But supposing somebody puts you on the boat, and then you can see those waves and enjoy them. But supposing you learn how to swim then you can jump in and save them. It is not any brainwashing or any sort of a bombardment of words, but it is something that happens to you. You become something, as you have become human beings, you become realized souls as a result of this last breakthrough of your evolution. This is happening everywhere no doubt and it’s working out very well in, I think they told me, 62 countries but at least I know of definitely of 52 countries where there we have got very strong centers where it is working out.

Now whatever we are telling you here you need not accept blindfolded. Blind faith is of no use. First of all you must experience. Just like a hypothesis I am putting this before you, but you should have an open mind of a scientist. Just open your mind and see for yourself it works. If it works then you have to accept. If you are honest you have to accept. If it works with many, why not try and work it out. Most of the people do get their realization. I have seen it.

It’s a wonderful thing that is happening that masses of people can get realization. Depends on also certain places like Russia I was amazed. Where they have not heard the name of God they have never heard the name of Christ. They were not allowed to read Bible or any book, they had no religion at all. They believed in no religion. Where thousands and thousands come to my program and they all get their realization. In a small place called Togliatti there are 22 thousand Sahaja Yogis practicing Sahaja Yoga. Can you imagine it? I was so amazed. Same about Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Poland. I was amazed how these people, Czechoslovakia, how they have taken to Sahaja Yoga so fast, just like fish to water, how they realized it, and nobody else, all these false people, could not go there, nothing could work out. Only thing that has really worked out there is something that is genuine. That is Sahaja Yoga.

One has to realize that as we are not in the absolute state, we have to reach to the absolute state. That desire should be there. If that desire is there it works out without any difficulty. It is your own power which manifests and gradually you can manifest them in such a way that you can do so many things like giving realization to others, curing others and also enjoying it, because when the attention is filled with the light of the Spirit, it fills you up with complete joy, and joy has not two sides like happiness and unhappiness. It’s singular, it’s absolute and you are then, they say they are swimming in the ocean of joy. So beautiful it is.”

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


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