Please enjoy the following extract from a talk by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga. This talk took place at Newcastle, near Sydney, Australia on the 28th February 1992.


“I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset you have to know that truth is what it is. We cannot change it. We cannot transform it and we cannot conceptualize it. Also unfortunately at this human awareness we cannot feel the truth, so something has to be done, something has to work out in our human awareness in the evolutionary process. We have become human beings from amoeba. How did we become? And if we are human beings have we reached the absolute state? We have not. If we had reached the absolute state then there would have been no problems because everybody would have seen the same thing, would have understood the same thing, and felt the same thing, but because we are living in a relative world we have all these problems. As it is, most of the problems are created by human beings. If you see ecological problems, if you see economic problems, political problems, physical problems, mental problems, family problems, all of them are related to human beings. So we have gone wrong somewhere, there’s something that’s a missing point which we have not realized.

The advancements we have made in our civilization, say in science, has reached such a stage that we had to create atom bomb, hydrogen bomb. So all these mental efforts we have put in also boomerang on us and create our destruction. In every way we get frustrated, and we start seeking – what’s the matter?

But now a new category of very honest people are there in this world who are seeking beyond. William Blake has called them “men of God”, those who will seek the truth and they will make other people also godly. That’s the time has come, this resurrection time has come we should say, or this is the Last Judgment. This Last Judgment is going to be done by this Kundalini, the power within you. This is your own power which has to be awakened and once it is awakened it passes through these centers as told to you and lets you know that these are your problems. These are the problems of your chakras. They may be physical, may be emotional, they may be, could be also spiritual, and once you know these problems and if you know how to solve these problems you can be a very normal, sensible, balanced personality. That’s not the only thing that happens when you get your Self-realization.

Firstly what happens to you is that when the Kundalini passes through your Agyna chakra then you become thoughtlessly aware. If you see all the sciences they have created about religion, talks and the whole thing, it’s just mental. It’s not inside, it’s not innate, built within. So one thought rises, another thought falls. Another thought rises and falls down, some come from the future, some come from the past, and we are jumping on the cusp of these thoughts. But if you say now, this is the present, stop your mind at the stop, the point which is the present, you can’t, you just can’t do it. Between these thoughts there is a gap. This gap is the present, but it’s so small, it’s so small that you cannot find it. But when the Kundalini passes through, then this center, then these two institutions as you see them, the conditioning and the ego are just sucked in. As a result you become thoughtlessly aware. Means there is no thought. But you are absolutely aware, very much more aware. For example if you look at this beautiful hall with the thoughtless awareness, then the whole picture becomes clear like a photo in your mind, whole thing is stored up into every detail so clearly because present is the truth, past is finished and future doesn’t exist.

So to come to the present you have to have this new awareness called as thoughtless awareness. But when she crosses over and pierces through your fontanel bone area which is the actualization of your baptism. Just people talk of baptism, “Come along I’ll baptize you.” It’s not possible that way. It’s just an artificial ritual. Try to understand, this is not going to render that actual happening within you which is going to make you grow spiritually. So the actualization of baptism takes place and you can feel also from your fontanel bone area a kind of a cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming in. You feel extremely relaxed. Secondly that you jump into another higher awareness which we call, as collective consciousness. This means that not only that you can you feel your own centers on your fingertips, because these cool vibrations, you can call them, start flowing through your own hands, you can feel them. But also you get the information about others as well as about yourself on these fingertips. Automatically you become like a person who is a computer. It starts working in such a wonderful manner that you can find out about any disease, any trouble without going through all the diagnosis or anything, and if you know how to cure these troubles, physically, mentally, you can definitely cure yourself and also others if you have reached that state and have permanently achieved it. This is what has to happen to us. All of us have to achieve that state which is your right to achieve it.”

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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