Please enjoy the following talk by the founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:


“I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset we have to know what is the truth. There are so many seekers of truth in these modern times which has been predicted that there will be many people who will be seeking the truth now as ordinary householders. Their life will be completely transformed in these modern times. They call it in the Koran as Kiama. In the Bible it’s called as the Last Judgment.

Every religion has talked about these modern times as something very fantastic that our lives will be transformed. So what is the truth we are seeking? We should know what is the truth we are seeking. Firstly, we are seeking peace within ourselves. Secondly, we are seeking something we do not know, and that something is the Spirit within ourselves. Many scriptures have described that you have to seek your Spirit and many are preaching about it. But it seems they are not very Spirit-oriented. They are more money-oriented or power-oriented, and that is why the whole attention of a seeker is diverted and deviated into something which is not really divine. So what we are seeking is the Spirit within us which is the source of absolute truth, absolute joy and absolute self-knowledge.

You have already heard about these different centers that are within us which are being built during our evolution as human beings. We have reached up to a point where still we have to have the last breakthrough in our awareness; otherwise, we cannot know the truth. At this human awareness it is impossible to know the absolute truth. If we had known the absolute truth there would have been no problem. Everybody would have seen the same thing. But there are so many ideologies. As you know, there are so many religions, so many types of preachings and also lots of false people. So, if you know the absolute truth then there cannot be another truth with it; it’s singular. For example, I am sitting before you. You know I am sitting before you, all of you. There’s no argument on that point…

We have to have now the last breakthrough of our evolution. Once it happens you will be amazed that we’ll know the absolute truth. There cannot be any argument about it. And also these centers that you know here are a mystery to you, but you start feeling them on your fingertips. That is Self-knowledge. These centers are responsible for your physical, mental, emotional, also spiritual being within yourself. So all your personality, the totality of it, expressed through these centers. These are subtle centers within us, and these subtle centers are sometimes exhausted because of our extreme nature. So this power which we call as kundalini – kundala means coils, which is in three and a half coils within us in the sacrum bone. That means the Greeks knew that it was a sacred bone; they call it sacrum. This power is actually your individual mother and she knows everything about you. She knows about your past and she knows about your aspirations. It’s like a tape recording, I should say, of ages within you in this coiled power. It is like a primule of a seed. When you put the seed in the Mother Earth then it sprouts by itself, spontaneously. That is what is Sahaja. Is all built in within you and you have every right to achieve this state of selfhood, which is in the fourth dimension of your awareness, which we in Sanskrit call as turiya, is the fourth dimension. All this is within you. All this power is within you. You are built in that way.

We have to understand that our Creator is the greatest organiser. See now, we have one channel here for people to come in. This is the channel which we have very nicely built up within ourselves, which in our evolutionary process has enlightened all these centers up to a point. Now this kundalini, this power, has to rise. I have read some books, some German books and things, where it describes that this kundalini awakening is extremely dangerous and it kills people, is fatal. Nothing of the kind. I have been doing this for the last twenty-five years. I never saw anybody getting sick even, but on the contrary, this awakening is so beneficial, so benevolent that when this power passes through all these six centers and pierces through this last center out of the fontanel bone area, which we can call the actualisation of baptism, actualisation, then all these centers get enlightened, enriched and this nourishment solves your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems.

So the first truth about yourself is that, you are not this body, this mind, these emotions, this intellect, this ego, these conditionings, but you are the pure Spirit. Now we see all these beautiful flowers around us and we take them for granted. It’s a miracle that these different flowers have bloomed out of a seed in their own different identity. Who has done this work? Who changes the seasons? Or if you ask a doctor, “Who runs your heart?” He’ll say, “It is autonomous nervous system.” But who is this “auto?” These questions and many others cannot be answered. So there is an all-pervading power of divine love which is doing all these miraculous things.

Now you need not take for granted whatever I am telling you. We have had lots of problems with blind faith. But whatever I am saying, if it is proved, then as honest people you must accept. Not only accept but grow in your new awareness. Of course, you must understand you can’t pay for it. How much did we pay to become human beings, and how much are we going to pay for becoming something higher? Once you realise that, that you can’t pay for it, then you will drop out most of the false gurus and the false institutions who charge you for anything like that.

Now this happening is very simple, spontaneous, works out. As I said, it’s like a primule of a seed, this kundalini. When you put the seed in the Mother Earth it sprouts by itself. In the same way, it works. You can’t explain. Can you explain how a seed sprouts? In the same way your primule, which is this kundalini, uncoils itself and passes through these centers and gives you your Self-realization. In Sanskrit is called as atmashaksatkara. For you it is absolutely granted. You don’t have to go to Himalayas. You don’t have to stand on your heads. You don’t have to starve yourself. Don’t have to pay for it. It is all there which is your own power. Only when it happens you realise your identity, you realise how great you are, you realise how the Divine is within you and which is expressing itself.”

Talk on Sahaja Yoga by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Sydney, Australia, 22 February 1995


  1. JSM,
    Your effort is simply cool and a Sahaja way of keeping our Journey of Joy moving.
    Its wonderful and joyous experience to listen again and it is like new treasure found every time when you listen in meditation.

    Subodh Bhatnagar
  2. Thank Yoy Maa! Each & every time Maa gives us a new massage
    by Her talks.It’s very blissful knowledge for us.Thanks again maa.
    Aapke charnome koti koti pranams.

    Sarojini C Bhairee

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