Please enjoy the following extract from a talk by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga, in which Shri Mataji discusses the effect of ego on the Kundalini.


“You don’t have to judge others, just see yourself, because it is for your own good. If somebody is egoistical makes no difference to you. Or non-egoistical makes no difference; only thing is you should really see for yourself what is good and what is bad. That’s how it works out. Otherwise, I as always say that when I give a lecture immediately we start thinking about somebody whom we think to be egoistical. Actually I’m saying to each one of you to see it, would be a better idea.

Now this ego when it covers your entire head, the complete Sahasrara which is shown there – the white area gets covered; your Brahmarandra, the portion from where the kundalini has to pierce also gets covered. It’s very difficult the whole thing is covered, and this is small here, the gap is here, now, you cannot open the gap here, you have to open the gap here. So this has to go back like that, and this has to come up in the center like that. Then only kundalini can come up. So what happens at such stage, you will find such people have a left hand very weak and right hand throbbing. So you raise their left, put to the right; again raise their left put to the right, again raise their left put to the right, so you bring down the ego like this. And once the ego comes down then this comes up and the gap comes in between and then you raise the kundalini in the center, kundalini will come out and then you tie it up.

This is Shri Vidya, this is the knowledge of Shri, of the Holy Spirit. All other knowledge of where you have to sit in protocol, what you are, is all avidya and nonsense. Reading ‘Who’s who’ – I don’t know what you will become, monsters or maybe… some sort of a Frankenstein style personality. This is the Vidya, Shri Vidya, is the secret Vidya, of the Holy Ghost by which you balance your ego with super-ego, your desire and action should be equal, and then raise the kundalini, put it up and tie it up.

All these days, people who been realized souls, great people, have tried to point out the problems of ego, have talked to you, they said “You shouldn’t have ego. Ego is the worst thing; one should not be identified with ego,” and all that. And as soon as they have said it people have started just finding out how to do it, and in doing so they have become ‘great gurus,’ themselves egoistical. The fact is, you do not do anything. This is not ego but is a mirage of ego that you have got. You really do not do anything, everything is done by God, He is the doer, He has the great ego. Your ego is just, a copy… made artificially. Like He creates the flowers and you make plastic flowers and say “Oh, we have created flowers.”

He does everything. It is He who expresses His ego, while you feel you have done something. It happens to you when you get realization, when your kundalini pierces the Brahmarandra, then you find the power flowing through you, and when you put your hands at somebody you find the kundalini rising there. And then you find that you can feel the centers of that person and catching of his centers and you’re amazed, you said “Mother how is it? Just now I was nothing, suddenly what has happened to me?” Because your ego has subsided and has become one with that of God; and you are giving vent to that power of God. You are playing the role of an instrument, of a hollow personality, and through you is passing the power of God which is doing the real work, while you are thinking “I’m doing it” without getting realization. But after realization you just feel “Oh, it’s flowing through me, I can see it flowing, I can see it working. It is…” You start talking in third person, you don’t say “I”. You just say “It’s going, it’s coming, it’s not there, this is catching, that is catching.” It is in the third person you talk. You do not say “I am catching”. You do not say also, that “I have raised the kundalini”, you say that “The kundalini has risen”. Who has risen it? You never say that you have raised the kundalini, you just say “The kundalini has risen, it is not coming up, it’s just going there,” as if you have become an instrument of some power which is flowing through you. And this is how… we become one with that, and all our karmas dissolve into akarma. Karmas are only the effect of our false idea of our ego – when there is no ego where are the karmas going to be? If there is no-one who is doing, the doer is lost, then who’s going to do the karmas and who’s going to take the load of the karmas upon themselves? Like when there is an organization, then it says “I have got assets and I have got these debts and these are the things”, you see, but the association or that organization disappears, then who has the debts? In the same way, you as ego disappear, and there is no effect of your karmas – all finished, all that was when one Mr. Ego was there. When Mr. Ego has gone all liabilities have gone with him.

We are something different now, now we have become the Self, the Atma and when we have become the Atma, then, we are one with that Universal Being, and He is making us do everything. Like my fingers don’t have ego that “I’m doing something and I’m touching the thumb”, because it is a part of this body. Our nose does not have an ego, that, it is something special which is breathing. We say “I breath”, we don’t say “This nose breathes”, neither the nose would say “this mouth…” with which we eat food, it never says that “I eat, because of my mouth”. When you become one with that whole then you just feel that the whole is working and we as part, are working with it, and all the responsibilities are finished.”

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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  1. Hi I m 19 year old doing meditation from 5 years… First something happend with my base of spine id what is electrical vibration… Then slowly it’s reaches to back of head then between two eyes then forehead…..last week it’s reaches to top of head its like cold energy all the time… No pain nothing it’s feels good… It’s like someone swimming…..then I can feel the chain connection between back of head to between two eyes….i did not realized my self yet… Or I did not felt air coming out of head… Is it ego stopping this energy or its something else going .or cleansing not done yet?

    rakesh kumar nayak

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