Please enjoy the following Sahaja Yoga meditation talk about the importance of Jesus Christ in relation to the Agnya chakra.


“Remember him morning, evening, every time. Remembering Christ brings down your ego very much. He did everything that was possible that you should not develop your ego. Everything that was possible. He was born as an ordinary carpenter’s son. Lived in the most ordinary conditions. Kept himself behind the whole scene. He could have been born as Roman Emperor. He could have been anybody there. But no, he was born himself. You know that he took his birth in a place where even ordinary people do not take their births. But, there also the light was there. Wherever he was born there was light and joy. And this is the thing we have to know, that we have lost the joy because we have forgotten God Almighty. When we forget Him, that He is love and He is joy, naturally joy is also forgotten. And then we see people are not at all happy. They have affluence, they have money, they have everything, but still they are not happy. All the time they are in such a mess that you don’t know how to talk to them. If you say this word they’ll be angry. If you say that word they’ll be angry. They are not at all normal human beings. They are sick people. Sick with their ego. It’s a very simple thing is to ask for forgiveness. How many times do we do that? Not even once a day, not even once a month, not even once a year. Even on a Christmas day if we could say, “Forgive us Oh Lord for whatever we have done so far.” It will work out. But that day we must champagne to forgive Him more. So we must have gossips and we must have all the arrogant things by the time it is the end of Christmas.

This ego, yellow side one, is the one that presses your superego too much. It does. It presses it so much sometimes that a person forgets that others are hurt by what they talk. On the contrary they devise methods how to say things which are cutting, which are hurting, which are painful to others. They say such things, I mean all the time if you see. A person say from a village if he comes and sees he’ll think, are they quarrelling, what are they doing? I mean the whole discussion, even in the parliament I was surprised the way they talked to each other, no bull will treat another bull that way, see. Even a dog normally does not bark at another dog. No animal in the world all the time is barking at its fellow man. No animal in the whole world I can tell you this much. Only the human beings if two people are there all the time they are going, ha ha ha ha all the time that way. How is it possible? His ego and her ego or maybe both his ego are dashing at each other. There is a kind of a funny type of feeling that oh I have mastered the thing, I have got the thing, I have got the point. I have proved the point. But in that I have lost everything that was so beautiful and so much joy giving within me. Actually a sensible person would recede from the place where two people are having an argument.

Argument is a sign of tomfoolery. I haven’t seen any argument coming to any end whatsoever. If it is then it is all right. But it never does come. Because, if say, you ask me questions I answer you, all right. If you do not like the answer give it up. But if you argue with me still and I argue with you where will you end? Argument is not going to lead you to any knowledge but a very terrible ego developing into you. The whole modern concept is ego oriented. All western countries are ego orientated. They want to develop your ego and pamper it. There are so many other ways by which they do. Why I’m talking more about it because we are all supposed to be western people and affluent people you see. Supposed to be very wise and leading or misleading, I don’t know, the developing countries. So we have to understand ourselves where are we as far as our understanding of things are concerned.

How ego is pampered within us is by a large-scale method. They work on your ego throughout to have all these so-called enterprises. For example to a woman they’ll say, “Oh you must have a waist like this and you must have a face like this and you must have…,” for a man, “You must this kind of a body. You should be Mr. Universe or you should be something,” so the man starts working on it immediately. You must, there so many people I have seen running on the roads in this cold, I don’t understand. Like mad you know and some of them are Member of Parliament. The whole night they keep awake and the whole day they are running about. I say what are you doing? What is the need to do this? To keep good health you must do it. To keep good health don’t work like mad, be a sensible and a wise person. Wisdom is to be sought to keep good health, to be all right and not this kind of mad ego orientated things. So then the one way is to excite your ego about your physique. Then there is ego about, you must have a big car. You see people try to show off their possessions. You have a big car, then they’re going about. I mean they really look to me like jokers, that’s all they are. I mean car I can understand is a convenience and a good quality car if somebody can afford it should have it because it is a headache to have a bad car. So it’s all right. But by having a car you become something great. You may not have food in the house but you must have a very good car to go about. And all these ideas come. Then they will advertise, you see, this will be a very good car for you. What is it for you? It is nothing but to pamper your ego. All these advertisements are nothing but by which your ego is pampered.

All these things they’re treated. Now in America if you go every handle has to be different. Everything has to be different. Why so much difference in everything? Why do you want to have everything so different? Is it some aesthetics, you think in that? It is none of the aesthetics but is just to pamper your ego. Even the so-called art connoisseurs are nothing but ego pamperers. Your stamp collections this, that, all this is nothing but ego pampering. And what a waste of time, you just think about it. This ego thing comes into us because we are first of all, as I said, that in the West the living was very difficult. They had to fight the nature. And when you have to fight the nature you have to develop your ego to fight it. Or actually when you are fighting the nature the ego develops within you. And then once that momentum has started in you it is very difficult to bring it down. It is such a terrible disease that people have taken it for granted that that’s a part of their lives. You are not your ego. You are not. When I say that you must surrender yourself to God they think Mother why should we surrender? Yourself means that ego with which you are identified. I don’t say that you surrender your wisdom. Or I can say surrender your ego to your wisdom. But it is so difficult to give it up because we have learned to live with it, identified with it. We just cannot think of life without our ego, we just cannot. And it has gone to such an extent that we don’t even realize how far we have gone in cruelty. Like, “I like this kind, I like that kind.” You go to somebody’s house and you say like this. Is indecent to talk like that. It is vulgar to express, “I like.” Who are you? Are you God? “I want this. I want that. I am very particular about this. I’m very…” – who are you? Just ask yourself a question, “Who am I? I’m the Spirit. I’m that eternal being. Have I become that?” On the contrary we are hurting everybody’s Spirit by our ego. Every moment when we talk to others we are hurting them.
Actually people have lost faith in God, because those who are in charge of God are so arrogant and so egoistical that it has become impossible for anybody to think of God, which is beyond your ego. You’ll be surprised, ego is absolutely superficial like a bubble. It is just like a balloon, which can burst just like that. And it should go. It should go so that you should rise. It should disappear so that your attention rises in your Spirit. And that you see the whole world as a part of that Spirit that you are.”

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


  1. This is kind of miracle which happens always to me. Everytime I got upset, I found answers in either shrimata ji’s book or lecture. This time again It happened to me. Today, I was very upset and was crying just because of some silly reasons and this lecture of shrimata ji helped me alot.
    Thank you very much.

    Anupama godara
  2. I was a staunch orthodox brahmin hindu. Not even tolerating the customs of non-brahmin hindus, not to talk of other religions like Christianity, etc.

    It is only after coming to Sahaja Yoga and reading our dear Mother’s talks, i am able to realize the truth and the noble qualities of Shri Jesus Christ and His connection with Shri Ganesha.

    Jai Shri Mataji !

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