Please enjoy the following Sahaja Yoga meditation talk in which Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi talks about the Agnya chakra and it’s relationship to the eyes.

“These eyes have to be very, very pure, very, very deep and very loving when you want to have your Agnya all right. Because you receive through you eyes. Say if you have closed your eyes you do not put your attention to anything because your eyes are closed. You are not adding more thoughts to yourself. But if your eyes are open you are adding much more thoughts because everywhere the eyes go the attention goes and you see things and create thoughts and put in them. So your attention which has to go to the Spirit, which has to go to God, which has to shine through the window of Divine. This beautiful thing is ruined by the way we use our eyes and we do not respect it. There’s nothing so pure and beautiful as the grass on the ground or the ground itself, which takes our feet, which supports us, which looks after us, enriches us. We should put our eyes on the Mother Earth instead of looking at every person.

But from Sahaja Yoga point of view now many of you know what happens to your eyes when you look at somebody. Maybe a entity might enter your eyes. And it is, you’ll be amazed that it is the play of the entity what we call this so-called flirting is. I’ve talked about it before also and people didn’t like it when I told them about it. But I have seen actual entities entering from eyes to eyes. I have seen very simple people who come down to such places, say in a party. In a party people are just exchanging entities from one eye to another. Once it goes to another person he puts his entity into another person. And that third goes into another person. All the time your attention is diverted. And you feel it is attracted towards something, you do not know why it is attracted. Now the certain symbols are also made like that. To add up to the problems, you see all the society is working at it. That you should appear in such a way that every man should look at you. Every woman should look at you. Why? What is the use? Supposing I look at you what do I get? What do I get by looking at a person? What is the advantage just looking at a person? We are wasting such a lot of energy for what?

In the same way if you are walking on the roads, we are seeing some beautiful things all right. If you have to buy something, all right go ahead, see those things, whatever you have to select is all right. But all the time just because your eyes are such, you are just doing it and you do not know the reason why you are doing like this, all the time why your eyes are wobbling. And that is a sure and certain sign for a person to become mad. Absolutely, that’s a sure and certain sign is, when a person is mad how do you make it out that a person is lunatic. If you see his eyes the iris in the eyes are all the time wobbling. They cannot keep it steady. Or they are sick they’re also, you can see, that these eyes are all the time wobbling. There is no steadiness. Not only this but you have seen those people who have come in the Sahaja Yoga when they close their eyes they find their eyes are flickering. Their eyelids are flickering. That means there is some sort of a disturbance in the Kundalini rising. Whole tension if you call it as hundred then at least eighty percent of it comes through our eyes. Then how important it is to protect our eyes from all kind of useless activities we are doing.

Christ – Christ’s life shows so many aspects of how to respect others. But one of them which has been very much misused throughout is that of the prostitute. He saved the prostitute, He saved her no doubt. But you spoil these prostitutes. A good woman you make her into prostitutes. You give her ideas by which she becomes a prostitute. A good housewife is turned into a prostitute by an egotistical man. Young small girls who are virgins are being destroyed by your dirty glances. Do you realize this? That you are doing just the opposite what Christ had done? And you say that He saved, Christ, so even if we are prostitutes He’ll save us. But why be prostitutes? This is such a stupid style of thinking. That we should become prostitutes so that Christ will save us.

One has to think about all these things in the proper light of Sahaja Yoga. Unless and until you are realized my talk is just useless for you. But once you are realized you will know that if you glance at someone you might suddenly get a headache at the back. You might feel a dart has gone into your head or something has happened. You might feel that you’re blinding with somebody’s face and you will get all kinds of experiences by which you will know how important are your eyes. All your nervousness and everything can be cured if you have pure eyes. But it is such a vicious circle that through your eyes you gather all the bad and is accumulated in the Agnya and you have to clear the Agnya to make the eyes clear. It’s a vicious circle. But it can start at a point as I said, we have to ask for forgiveness. Secondly we have to bring Christ in our Agnya Chakra. Thirdly we have to give up all drugs and all intoxicants and all smoking.

That happens automatically when you are a Sahaja Yogi, it will work out. But eyes express the whole of your being, your brain, your body, your limbs everything. And if your Agnya is all right then you eyes are perfectly all right. They emit nothing but love wherever they glance. Only with a glance of your eyes you can raise the Kundalini. Only with the glance of your eyes you can cure people. Only with your glance you can bring joy into the destroyed and the ruined people. So these eyes which you see are the windows of your being, of your heart. When the Spirit is expressed through your eyes, you must have noticed yourself, that when the kundalini rises then the eyes become dilated. And a realized soul has got black eyes because they have these eyes are dilated. At least when I see them they are all dilated black eyes. Apart from that a realized soul can be made out by his eyes which are sparkling. There’s a sparkle like diamonds. They sparkle all the time and you can make out from the eyes that this person is a realized soul. There’s a tremendous difference between a non-realized soul’s eyes and a realized soul’s eyes. So you can imagine how your Spirit sees through your eyes. But if the eyes are not pure it doesn’t stay there long. So if we have to understand Christ physically we have to respect our eyes. Mentally we have to give up all that is impure in our mind.”

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


  1. a very ‘self-satisfaction’ and ‘inner peace’ giving excerpts from the very source of ‘inner satisfaction’ and ‘peace’,H.H. Shri Mataji herself..thanx 4for the beautiful work of regularly adding/uploading such significant talks of Shri Mataji…!

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